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My Story

Hi - I’m Jess - a lover of the earth, a mother, a heart dancer and a devoted practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine.  My journey to healing and holistic living began when I was a young adult.  I struggled with depression, cycles of anxiety that led to burn out and skin + digestive issues.  It felt like life was on top of me.  I knew there was a way natural to heal.  I wanted to feel energized by life, balanced in my body/mind and connected to a deeper purpose.  The experience of seeking a path that I could trust evolved into my passion of guiding others in creating a life that is healthy, vital and allows them to reach their full potential.


In searching for a holistic way to heal, I found myself living rurally in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  In the rugged canyon where the rushing turquoise river flows, I learned what it felt like to live embodied, full of vitality and connected to my intuition. I had the honor of apprenticing with a TCM + Ayurvedic practitioner - growing food - cooking by fire and living in tune with the seasons.  I developed a relationship with the life-sustaining cycles of nature. This led me to study Ayurveda at the NWI of Ayurvedic Medicine, now known as Ayurvedic Living School, graduating as a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2017.  Since, I’ve had the honor of developing a private practice, which grew into a beautiful

community called the Living Rhythm Collective. Integrating the living wisdom of Ayurveda has given me accessible tools to heal, to live connected to a deeper understanding of my body, my life and has invigorated the ways in which I relate to the world.


I am passionate about this work because I believe that as we heal, we heal the planet.  As we come home to our true essence, we find refuge inside and awaken to the understanding of our interdependence with all of life.  When we live in integrity with community, we have an opportunity to create a thriving culture. According to Ayurvedic principles, nature is a reflection of the human being, this awareness allows us to restore a sense of belonging and invites us to take responsibility for building a regenerative future for each other and the next generations.  We got this!

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