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Seasonal detox

Join us this Spring for a 3 week detox:

Ayurveda + Science backed program

Safe, Healthy, Nourishing, Accessible

Create the space in your life to come back into a state of balance, increase vitality + immunity and elevate your mood.  Starts 4.4.2024

Health Consultation

In this 90 minute Zoom session:  we will address your current health concerns, your top priority body + life goals and a timeline for when you want to succeed in reaching them.   We will uncover the root cause of imbalance through Ayurvedic diagnostic tools.  You will receive a detailed treatment plan outlining nutrition, habits and medicines that will support you in claiming optimal health + your goals.

PNG image-00358358E480-1.png

for Men

who want to invest in their future self now

6 weeks of 1:1 support

​Includes: Health consultation  + comprehensive treatment plan

  • Nutrition for your body type

  • identity + mindset evolution

  • habits for peak performance

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