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Are you ready to feel focused, confident and relaxed in your day to day?  


Do you want more energy + more time for what matters most?


Are you craving a community of belonging?  


The Living Rhythm Collective is a growth oriented community that empowers you to claim the next level of success in your body, life and career. Our core value is living in rhythm. Rhythm wakes up the body's intelligence allowing vitality, ease and deep fulfillment to flourish.

Welcome to Living rhythm Collective

Live Life by Design


According to research, it takes 18-254 days to form a new habit. In Ayurveda, it takes 30-35 days for nutrients to be fully digested and assimilated into the deepest tissues of the body. Consistency and supportive community are essential for creating lasting change. 

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LRC will support you to:  

  • Resolve root cause of health challenges 

  • Rewire brain and nervous system

  • Reach body, life and career goals

  • Feel confident, energized and focused 

  • Experience the sweetness of community

  • Design a future you desire

  • Integrate an inspired daily rhythm

  • Become awake to who you are

Who LRC is for

  • Ready to invest in future self now

  • Want to heal 

  • Struggle with low energy + motivation

  • Insomnia - Anxiety - Depression

  • Want time freedom

  • Brain fog - Overwhelm - Irritability

  • Poor digestion - Bloating - IBS

  • Allergies - Autoimmune 

  • PMS - Hormonal Imbalance - Skin Issues

  • Ready for the next level of success

What to expect

One Year Membership

Private Online Community 

Core Curriculum

Weekly Dynamic Coaching Calls

Quarterly In-Person Events

Biannual Seasonal Detox

1:1 Success Coaching

Guaranteed Breakthroughs

It's become easier and easier to choose the vibrant, powerful and bright-eyed version of myself. This collective has been a birth canal into the next iteration of my whole self.


Schedule A Free Clarity Call

Gain insight + a personalized plan 


© 2022 Designed by Rebecca Elatiki. 

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